Samraksha Project – Indian Oil

Indian Oil along with Kochi Muziris Biennale presents Samraksha. The aim of the project was to build awareness among children about the importance of saving energy through the powerful medium of art.

The Government of Kerala Educational Department was quick to jump on board this initiative. Along with the support from Camlin Kokuyo, Samraksha was conducted across 8 schools across Ernakulam and reached out to more than 300 students who participated in the competition.

Samraksha provided stationary and art material to the children and let their creativity and imagination do the talking. Energy conservation is not just for children, but also our responsibility.

The paintings uploaded in the website will further used for greeting cards and for making other stationery items.

Youtube Link : Samraksha Project Video

Feel good Factor

Imparting the importance of energy conservation to students across 10 government schools.
Making the children prepared for a better world.

World Environment Day - The Hindu

June 5th – Implemented the world environment day activity for The Hindu by organizing a quiz competition in one of the largest malls in India. Our team took care of BTL management and logistics and the activity was executed successfully. Saplings were distributed to the ones who answered the questions correctly. Successfully distributed more than 100 saplings and the activity was a huge success.

Feel good Factor

Sowing seeds for a better tomorrow. “What we are doing to the forests of the world
vis but a mirror reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and to one another.”

―Mahatma Gandhi

Fueling Education Campaign – Indian Oil

As part of the school opening season, we were the implementers for the Fueling Education campaign which took place in the major districts across Kerala. Around 60,000 Free notebooks were distributed across more than 80 retail outlets during a 10 day period for anyone who filled fuel for a particular amount.
The entire planning, implementation, designs collaterals, execution and logistics was taken care of by our team.

Feel good Factor

Being part of a campaign that fuels education by successfully distributing 60,000 notebooks to students.

Why us ?

Developing human capital

Employees will be more motivated, productive, and loyal, thus reducing the costs of recruitment and training. A solid, trusted brand and a positive reputation will make it easier for clients to attract top talent.

Promoting business innovation and learning

Identifying and engaging stakeholders needs and interests allows our clients greater understanding of their operating environment and wider impact on the community. This will facilitate the identification and development of profitable new products and services.

Boosting sales and customer loyalty

A more active, open, transparent and honest way of dealing and communicating with customers significantly increases their loyalty to the company's products and services.

Increasing branding differentiationy

CSR strategies lay a solid foundation to develop a good reputation. Based on international best practices and on an ethical value framework, brands can become more recognized, respected and ultimately more trusted.

Reducing exposure to non-financial risk

CSR strategies reduce risks linked to any potential and sudden damage to the company's reputation and success. Combined with enhanced transparency this is a key factor for investors that will be more likely to look favorably at such a company. Building a genuine culture of 'doing the right thing and prove it' within the company offsets these risks.

Improving relationships with local authorities and government

Good relationships with local authorities and government make doing good business more easy.

What we do ?

We are a startup company that focuses on CSR Management and implementation. We hope to work on more CSR related projects as this aligns with our desire to do work that makes a difference.

our services

Planning, initiation and execution of CSR projects for corporate by bringing out innovative campaigns that ensure maximum social return on investment. We have a hardworking team which ensures that the campaign reaches the target.
Implementing CSR projects for organizations who already have a particular plan but need support in execution. Our team is dynamic, young and full of energy to execute projects.
Creative Team – We have a strong creative team capable of creating designs and videos to complement the campaign. We believe that media is an essential ingredient for a successful campaign and we are capable of delivering the same.
PR Team - With a couple of years experience in PR and handling large clients, we can confidently say that we will be able to garner maximum media coverage for the campaigns we execute.
CSR Reporting - Our content writers ensures that the entire activity is reported and the impact is documented in the best manner.